Dr. Muhammad Luqman

Contact information

Email: muhammad.luqman@uvas.edu.pk
Cell: 03344236821
Dr. Muhammad Luqman

Assistant Professor

Ph.D Environmental Sciences

HEC Approved Supervisor


Dr. Muhammad Luqman is Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences, UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan. He has earned his doctorate from Sustainable Development Study Centre, GCU, Lahore. He has over 10 years of academic experience at graduate and undergraduate level in BUITEMS, Quetta and UVAS, Lahore. There are about 20 research articles to his credit in international journals and he authored two books. Concurrent with academics, he has been engaged by public and private sector organization, in the country for providing technical advisory and consultancy services. His research interests include Environmental Impacts on Human Health, Environmental Pollution, Marine & Freshwater Ecology, and Biodiversity. Dr. Luqman has reported novel blooms of pollution-indicator diatom from Northern Arabian Sea, along Karachi coast. He has got foreign training on Environmental epidemiology from International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Lyon, France. Along with other research endeavors, he is currently actively involved in micro plastic pollution in marine and terrestrial environment.

Area of Interest

  1. Environmental Health,
  2. Environmental Pollution,
  3. Marine & Freshwater Ecology
  4. Biodiversity