Muhammad Saad Ullah

B Sc. (Hons.) Animal Husbandry (UAF)
M Sc. (Hons.) Animal Nutrition (UAF)

Department of Livestock Production, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
Phone : +92 345 7911841
             042-99211374, 99211449-50 Ext: 5020
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Mr. Muhammad Saadullah started his professional career in July, 2007. He joined Pakistan Dairy Development Company (PDDC), an organization with a slogan of “Leading the White Revolution” there he contributed as Farm Production Advisor and introduced modern housing, feeding and management practices through company’s model farm program those later on resulted in present day modern dairy industry. He served there for three and half years.
At the start of present decade dairy industry was flushing and modern dairy farms around big cities were being installed, but the industry faced serious problems regarding the feed and fodder availability. Saadullah joined DuPont Pioneer Pakistan Seeds as Market Development Officer/ Nutritionist. There he contributed as solution provider to industry and introduced modern techniques of forage preservation, bale silage, silage inoculants, improved hybrid seeds of forages, silage harvesting machinery and silage making techniques.
He joined University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences as Lecturer in December, 2011 since then he is contributing in teaching and research along with serving the farming community through UVAS 24/7 extension Services. He is a PhD scholar and working on Buffalo feeding management. He also served as Farm Manager at University farm and introduced modern forage production and conservation techniques, pasture development, irrigation techniques, methane digester and farm yard manure management techniques. He is also actively involved in industry- Academia led education and research activities like holding farmer days, dairy expos, workshops, seminar and symposiums.

Areas of Interest


  • Dairy Feeding Management
  • Farm Automation and Mechanization
  • Forage Preservation
  • Poverty elevation through Livestock Extension


Undergraduate courses

  • Equine and camel production
  • Dairy production
  • Introduction to livestock management
  • Introduction to lactation biology
  • Milk production and procurement
  • Livestock farm operation

Postgraduate courses

  • Lactation biology
  • Dairy production
  • Livestock production on ranges and pastures
  • Recent advances in livestock management



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Extension Article:

  1. Oat a potential fodder for livestock: