Wildlife & Ecology


Research Projects

  1. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology of Bats in Selected Protected Areas of Pakistan (HEC Funded).
  2. Diversity and Conservation Education for Bats in Margalla Hills National Park (Rufford Small Grants Organization, UK).
  3. Developing sustainable Livelihoods for Communities in a Ramsar Site: Taunsa Barrage Wetlands Complex, Pakistan.
  4. Biodiversity and conservation biology of bats in some selected protected areas of Pakistan (HEC Funded).
  5. Optimizing growth potential of pheasants reared on different dietary regimens.
  6. Expression of Wnt/Wingless Signaling Regulators in Cancer(Approved by HEC).
  7. Effect of Dietary Energy Supplementation on feed Intake, growth and reproductive Performance of Chinkara (Gazella benettii).