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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Vast majority of animals in Pakistan suffer from mineral deficiencies leading
towards various nutritional diseases including rickets, osteomalacia,
hemoglobinuria, pica, tetany, milk fever etc. and eventually result into low
productivity. This situation brings heavy economic loss for the farmers. UVAS
scientists at Animal Nutrition department have taken an initiative to formulate high
quality yet low cost mineral mixture for livestock based on our expertise and wide-
ranging applied research in advanced animal nutrition. UVASMineral Mixture is available
on commercial basis in various packings and is extensively used in the field both for subsistence
as well as commercial dairy farms.
UVAS produced over 30,000 Kgs of mineral mixture during 2014-15. With an excellent output
at minimum cost, it has substantially contributed in meeting mineral deficiencies and increasing
productivity of the livestock. That's why, UVAS experiences high demand of the product.
UVAS Mineral Mixture
Minimizing Mineral Deficiencies: Leading to Enhanced Production