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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
UVAS Jumbo Quail
Modernizing Traditional Food Item: Triggering Economic Activities
Although Quail has been used as an elite food item for long, its commercial-
scale farming and market linkages were however missing. The UVAS scientists
at Poultry Production Department envisaged potential economic opportunities
linked with Quail farming and initiated experimental Quail farming at UVAS
Avian Research & Training (ART) Centre. We succeeded in substantially improving
the production and reproduction performance of these birds through selective
breeding and improved feeding & management. An increase in quail egg weight from 9.0
to 12.0 g, day-old-chick weight from 6.5 to 8.0 g and hatchability from 55% to 65% was
achieved. Similarly, at market age of 28 days, live-bird weight increased from 120 g to 230 g
while dressed quail meat from50 g to 130 g.
UVAS also focused on developing market linkages for Quail meat. It is processed at ART Centre
and is available in ready-to-cook packaging at various super stores including Metro Cash & Carry.
UVAS is not only generating significant economic return out of this but it has also proved to be
catalyst in encouraging commercial-scaleQuail farming and its subsequent value chain.