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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Fresh Chilled Red Meat
Introducing New Trends in Red Meat Business
Red meat business in Pakistan has been historically spin-off of the conventional
dairy farming. Because of huge potentials, the sector needs to be
revolutionized both in production and value chain. UVAS has taken initiative to
set up a meat processing plant on pilot scale under department of Meat Science &
Technology. Meat Scientists form UVAS have introduced new practices and skills in
meat industry of Pakistan like value addition through meat cutting, packaging
techniques and improvement in processing attributes of meat like color, tenderness and
juiciness. UVAS is imparting these skills to meat processors and workforce involved in meat
supply chain under partnership with USAID-ASF through regular practical training sessions.
UVAS has also collaborated with feedlot fattening farmers to ascertain successful business
models and streamline the meat value chain.
In collaboration with feedlot-fattening farmers, UVAS is offering fresh chilled beef and mutton
sourced from traceable, grain-fed and young animals processed at our own meat processing
plant. Diverse meat products including high-value cuts are being commercially sold. Regular
supplies are also made to high-end customers including restaurants & fast-food chains.
This demonstration is acting as catalyst to expedite growth in this sector.