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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Milk adulteration is an issue of public health; therefore, detection of adulterants
in milk is highly important. UVAS scientists at Quality Operations Laboratory
(QOL) have developed milk-adulterant-testing (MAT) Kit for checking milk
quality in the field for the farmers and the consumers. Using this kit, a trained
person can screen the milk for adulterants in a few minutes. The tests are based on
qualitative colorimetric methods and provide reliable results in monitoring milk quality.
The MAT Kit can detect starch, urea, hydrogen peroxide, soap, sorbitol, boric acid, cane
sugar, sodium chloride (salt), carbonate, formalin, hypochlorite and quaternary ammonium
The UVAS MAT Kit is available on commercial basis for all the stakeholders across the board. It
is now being used by Punjab Food Authority and district administrations all over Punjab to control
milk adulteration. UVAS continues its efforts in providing reliable & cost-effective solution to
Revolutionizing the Field Testing of Milk Quality