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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Livestock & Poultry Vaccines
Premium Quality Research Based Vaccines Serving the Farmers
Various diseases lead to heavy economic distress for farmers while vaccines
play crucial role in disease control and health management. UVAS scientists
through their years of research experience, scientific knowledge and technical
expertise have developed highly effective yet economical solutions for
immunization of animals against diseases of economic significance. The notable
vaccines prepared at UAVS Quality Operation Laboratory (QOL) include UVAS-HS-
These vaccines are produced under highly controlled environment and strict SOPs using state-
of-the-art equipment at QOL which is an ISOcertified lab.
UVAS has partnered with Livestock & Dairy Development Department (L&DDD) Punjab to
distribute the benefit of these vaccines at grassroots level. UVAS scientists have produced over 17
million doses of research based vaccines and generated revenue of more than Rs. 112 million
during 2014-15.