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Prompting Commercial & Social Enterprising
UVAS has historically played a pivotal role in development of poultry industry
in Pakistan through human resource and applied research. Many of what we
call as leading poultry industrialists in Pakistan are alumni of this historical
institution. UVAS has developed research facilities and training farms at its Ravi
campus for providing modern teaching, training and research facilities in poultry
production. Based on our strong linkages with industry, UVAS has collaborated with
Big Bird Group of Companies to modernize and commercialize the poultry production
facilities including hatchery and broiler farm.
UVAS scientists at Poultry Production Department cater the needs of applied research in line
with the industry's requirement. UVAS students get opportunity to learn and work in a
commercial environment leading towards enhanced efficiency of the graduates. This industrial
collaboration has been substantially contributing towards long term economic development.
Poultry Farms
Industrial Collaboration for Poultry Production