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Prompting Commercial & Social Enterprising
Feed Mill
UVAS established animal feed production facility under a research &
development project at its Ravi Campus. The feed mill spread over 2 acres of
land is equipped with state of the art equipment having capacity of producing
5,000 Kgs of pellet feed per hour. In line with our efforts for strengthening
industrial linkages and to generate economic opportunities, UVAS has partnered
with Solve Agri Pak (Private) Limited to functionalize the feed mill with commercial-
scale feed production. Solve Agri Pak produces various kinds of livestock feeding products
at this feed mill and sells through their marketing & distribution channel throughout Pakistan.
The UVAS provides technical backstopping to the feed mill operations through its scientists and
experts at the Animal Nutrition department. UVAS researchers get an opportunity for
advanced research in animal nutrition.
The collaboration is complimented by relative strengths of both organizations; UVAS being hub of
research & knowledge provides technical support while Solve Agri Pak being leading solution
provider in the market brings-in business experience with developed sales & distribution
channels. Thus, this collaboration has resulted into wide ranging economic benefits for
the University, industry and the farmers.
Industrial Collaboration for Producing Livestock Nutrition Products