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Prompting Commercial & Social Enterprising
Fish Farms & Intensive Fish Culture Unit
Industrial Collaboration for Commercial Fish Production
Fisheries have got an enormous potential in Pakistan both for domestic as well
as export market. UVAS experts and scientists have been working in close
liaison with industry for fisheries development. UVAS has collaborated with
Commerce & Sourcing House (CASH) Private Limited for commercial scale
production of fish at UVAS fish farms spread over 7 acres of land located at Ravi
campus. UVAS provides R&D facilities as well as technical guidance. UVAS has also
collaborated with Royal Fish (Private) Limited and Oryza Organics for development of
intensive fish culture unit spread over 5 acres land at Ravi campus. This unit will be first of its
kind in Pakistan that will revolutionize fisheries sector by introducing fisheries production in
controlled environment.
UVAS researchers provide problem oriented research facilities while UVAS students get an
opportunity to have practical training in a real time business environment. These industrial
collaborations have been significantly contributing in generating economic opportunities in
fisheries sector.