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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Food Safety & Halal Testing
Promoting Safe and Halal Food for Everyone
Unfortunately, the quality of food available to masses in Pakistan doesn't meet
food safety standards. This is not only depriving millions of Pakistanis from their
right to have safer food but is also decreasing exports of food items from
Pakistan; thus both ways bringing economic distress. UVAS scientists and experts
are substantially contributing in raising food safety standards in Pakistan. The UVAS
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition in collaboration with Pulseberry
Health Consultants UAE imparts advanced trainings in food safety for professionals
involved in food value chain. Our experts have played pivotal role in developing food
regulations and standards, including "Punjab Pure Food Rules 2011” and "Minimum
pasteurization law".
UVAS has also partnered with Halal Research Council for providing Halal testing facilities and
our ISO certified labs are accredited for Halal testing. In close collaboration with Punjab Food
Authority and Punjab Food Department, UVAS is working on developing and implementing food
standards in Punjab particularly related to animal origin foods. Gradually these initiatives
are contributing towards raising standards and generating economic opportunities in
allied sectors.