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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Veterinary Diagnostic Services
Accurate Diagnosis is Essential in Disease Control
An early diagnosis usually leads to accurate and successful treatment of the
diseased animal. Unfortunately laboratory based-diagnosis in veterinary
practice has not been commonly used in Pakistan because of unavailability of
adequate diagnostic facilities. That's why; livestock and poultry farmers have
been facing severe economic losses. Based on its expertise and technological
advancements, UVAS has established University Diagnostic Laboratory (UDL) and the
Quality Operations Laboratory (QOL) to cope with the growing need for diagnostic
facilities in livestock & poultry sector. The UVAS labs are equipped with state of the art and
most modern equipment, highly qualified experts and fully trained staff.
Internationally accredited and ISO certified diagnostic facilities are providing testing facilities
for livestock, poultry, pet animals and equines through 100+ different diagnostic tests on
commercial basis. The UVAS labs performed over 35,000 tests including microbiological,
histopathological and toxicological tests to assist farmers and animal owners. The commercial
services on one hand are generating economic benefits for UVAS while on the other hand
they are substantially contributing in economic growth of the country.