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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
24/7 Extension Services
Professional Services at the Doorstep of the Farmers Round the Clock
The traditional livestock business has been fast progressing into commercial
business for last few years. With changing trends in livestock farming,
veterinary clinical, extension and diagnostic services has also seen tremendous
demand. In pursuance of meeting demand of the farmers and stakeholders, UVAS
launched 24/7 extension services with an objective to provide clinical and
extension services at the doorstep of the farmers round the clock. The team of highly
qualified and experienced experts in all related field including clinical medicine, surgery,
reproduction, breeding, nutrition and farm management, is available for on-farm services just
at a distance of one phone call.
This initiative has created broader impact in the livestock industry. On one hand, it is generating
economic opportunities for the University while on the other hand; it is providing high quality
services at an economical cost, leading towards economic growth in this sector. UVAS is proud to
carry its tradition to innovate its services in the best interest of the farming community.