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Commercializing Applied Research & Services
Buffalo Pink Veal
Introducing Value-added Niche Products: Preventing Resource Drain
Approx. 4-5 million buffalo calves are slaughtered annually in Pakistan within
first week of their birth indicating huge animal resource drain. UVAS joined
hands with USAID Agribusiness Support Fund to explore possibilities for saving
this valuable resource and transforming it into business opportunities. After
various research experiments, UVAS scientists at Department of Animal Nutrition
succeeded to standardize calf rearing SOPs and feeding regime to produce premium
quality buffalo veal at financially viable cost. The resulting buffalo veal matched the export
quality in terms of color, flavor tenderness and juiciness. With exuberant sensory profile, it is
lean and nutrient-packed containing high quality proteins, low saturated fat, and high in iron,
zinc and Vit. B12.
These experimentally produced animals were processed at UVASMeat plant into high-value veal
products and sold with excellent market acceptance. The technology is now being utilized by the
industry stakeholders to produce buffalo veal at an economical cost while the buffalo veal is also
portrayed as an ideal niche product for consumers' healthier lifestyle needs.