Contact information

Cell: +92 321 4797539
Muhammad Qamer Shahid

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Animal Sciences, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA
M.Phil., Livestock Management, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Lahore, Pakistan
B.Sc. (Hons.), Animal Husbandry, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad,  Pakistan

HEC Approved Supervisor


Muhammad Qamer Shahid is an Associate professor in the Department of Livestock Production at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, where he has been a faculty member since 2005. He received his PhD in Animal Sciences from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. His current research focuses on livestock production under subtropical conditions.

Area of Interest

  • Dairy animal production
  • Transition cow management
  • Milking management
  • Dairy animal behavior and welfare
  • Dairy records integration
  • Precision dairy farming


Invited Presentations

Shahid MQ. 2022. Importance of monitoring cow behavior. International Conference on Remote Sensing & GIS Integration in Veterinary, Agricultural and Health Sciences,     February 23-24, 2022. Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, MNS-University of           Agriculture, Multan Pakistan.

Shahid MQ. 2019. Importance of monitoring cow behavior. Technical Seminar, March 1,           2019. Animal health Division, Ghazi Brothers. Bahria Grand Hotel Lahore.

Shahid MQ. 2018. Recent developments in mastitis control. Bovine Udder Health            Symposium. May 15. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

Shahid MQ. 2015. The concept of GLM procedures, mixed models and repeated measures in      animal production research. Workshop on Capacity Building of Young Researchers.         June 15-18. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

Shahid MQ. 2015. Transition cow management. Workshop on Dairy Herd Management.             June 12. Buffalo Research Institute, Pattoki, Pakistan.

Shahid MQ. 2015. Record keeping and breeding plan for small ruminants. Workshop on business opportunity in sheep & goat farming. June 4, University of Veterinary and             Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

Shahid MQ. 2014.  Customized/ Development of Data Recording Systems. International Workshop on Buffalo            Data Recording. April 21-23. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.



LPRO 2906                 Principles of Dairy Production



LSMG 1001                Dairy Production

LSMG 1002                Milk Synthesis and Secretion

LSMG 1003                Behavior and Welfare of Farm Animals

LSMG 1010                Recent Advances in Livestock Management

LSMG 1012                Applied Statistical Tools in Animal Research

Student Supervision


Completed                                          Research titles

2019               Evaluation of heat stress management strategies for Holstein bulls under                                        subtropical conditions (Student name: Mahboob Butt)

2021                Optimization of water use for cooling dairy animals during summer (Student                                 Name: Musa Bah, an international student from the Gambia)


In progress


  1. Performance of Holstein Friesian cows subjected to varying water spraying strategies during subtropical summer
  2. Heat stress management of Nili Ravi buffaloes using different showering strategies
  3. Evaluation of fat reserves at calving in buffaloes for subsequent productive and reproductive performance



MPhil (Completed)                                                                                      

Research titles


2022                Assessment of farmers' perception about sustainable water use at dairy farms

2021                Influence of floor type on gait score in Holstein Friesian cows

2021                Effect of summer cooling sessions on post-summer lameness prevalence in                                    Holstein Friesian cows

2021                Quantification of groundwater usage at dairy farms under different production                               systems of Punjab

2021                Assessment of farmers’ perception about water use at livestock farms

2021                Estimation of enteric methane emission in large ruminants under different                                     production systems of Pakistan

2021                Comparative feeding and resting behavior of sheep and goat fed different types of                         total mixed ration

2020                Identification of risk factors for lameness at commercial dairy farms of Punjab

2020                Assessment of milking practices at commercial dairy farms of Punjab

2019                Assessment of buffalo farmers’ attitude for performance recording

2019                Identification and use pattern of fodder trees and shrubs in high flood prone areas                          of Punjab

2018                Effect of management practices on feeding and lying behavior of Holstein cattle                            during summer

2018                Identification of risk factors for low birth weight in Nili Ravi buffalo

2017                Comparative freestall occupancy behavior of Nili Ravi buffalo and Holstein cattle

2016                Effect of bovine somatotropin on productive performance in Nili Ravi buffaloes                            during mid lactation

2014                Comparative growth performance of Nili-Ravi buffalo calves raised on three                                 different liquid feeds

Research Funding

As Principal Investigator,

2020                Assessment of Water Conservation Strategies for Cooling Dairy Animals During                          Summer under NSLP, Pakistan Science Foundation. (4.9 million PKR)

2017                Pilot Study on Sustainable Data Recording for Buffalo Production at Commercial                         Dairy Operations”, under National Research Program for Universities, Higher                               Education Commission of Pakistan. (0.8 million PKR)

Research Collaboration

2019                Collaboration for research with Cloud Agri Pakistan on behavioral sensors for                               predicting calving time, estrus detection and health events in buffaloes

2018                Collaboration for research and development on Precision Livestock Farming                                 Systems with Elective Technology (Pvt) Lahore.

Professional Trainings

Coursera          Climate Change and Health: From Science to Action Specialization. 2022, by                                Yale.

UNCC             Climate change: From Learning to Action. 2021, by United Nations Institute for                            Training and Research.

Coursera          AI for Everyone. 2021, by Deeplearning.AI

Coursera          Introduction to Data Analysis. 2021, by IBM

Data Analysis Skills

SAS                 Advanced level

R                     Intermediate level

Excel               advanced level

Professional Honors and Awards

2019                Abstract awarded 3rd position in International Buffalo Congress -2019, February                           19-20, Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. Title of abstract “Estimation of enteric                              methane emission in lactating buffaloes under different production systems of                               Pakistan”

2015                Article selected as “Editor’s Choice” in the Journal of Dairy Science for the                                   month of July titled “Cow- and herd-level risk factors for on-farm mortality in                               Midwest US dairy herds”

2008-2012       Overseas Doctoral Scholarship, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

2008                Nestle (Pvt.) Ltd. Gold Medal award for graduating MPhil with high distinction