1. Dr. Shahid Mehmood

Contact information

Email: shahid.mehmood@uvas.edu.pkpk
Cell: 0332-4522310
Phone: +92-49-4427083
Ext. 5000
Dr. Shahid Mehmood

Associate Professor (Tenured)

B.Sc. Animal Husbandry (UAF), M.Sc. (Hons) (UAF), Ph.D. Poultry Production (UVAS)


Dr. Shahid Mehmood is currently working as Chairman, Department of Poultry Production, UVAS, Lahore since 2021. He joined this Department in 2008 as Lecturer cum Farm officer in a project “Establishment of poultry research and training facilities at Ravi campus, Pattoki”, later he was appointed as Lecturer in 2011 and promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor in 2013 and Associate Professor in 2020. He has also field experience of working with renowned poultry organizations like Big Bird and National group in private sector before joining the academia.

His expertise is in the field of broiler production, Indigenous chicken rearing and poultry waste management. He has worked on “Effect of different management strategies on growth performance, biochemical profile and immune response of broilers” during his PhD research work. Recently, he has successfully completed research projects in collaboration with Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) on Artificial Insemination in broiler breeder and Village School Meal Program in Pattoki. Moreover, he was actively involved in 03 different research projects as Co-PI or member. Parallel to that he has also developed Compost technology that converts poultry waste into efficient bio-fertilizer and played a pivotal role for the establishment of Broiler house, Indigenous Chicken Genetic Resource Center, Model Ostrich Farm and Hatchery Unit at UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki.

Dr. Shahid Mehmood is prolific researcher, he has published noteworthy literature in the national and international scientific forum with 80 national and international impact factor research articles and more than 70 abstracts in his credit. He has also published several extension articles in newspapers and magazines for the awareness of general masses. He is also referee of well reputed international and national journals. He has produced 04 PhD and 21 MPhil scholars as major supervisor and 10 PhD and 20 MPhil scholars as a member supervisory committee.

He is life member of World Poultry Science Association-Pakistan Branch and member Research Board of Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi. In addition, he is member Board of studies of different universities. He has also got training from abroad (Egypt) on Poultry Production. He has a strong liaison with the poultry industry and plays an active role during the Poultry Science Conference at International Poultry Expo. Within UVAS, he is currently representing as:

  • Convener House Allotment Committee, Ravi Campus
  • Member Academic Council
  • Member Faculty Board of Studies (FAPT)
  • Member TTS Performance Appraisal Committee for Award of Increment
  • Member Canteen/Cafeteria/Mess Management Committee at Ravi Campus
  • Member Anti-ragging Campaign Committee at Ravi Campus
  • Member Synopsis Security Committee of FAPT
  • Member Standing Purchase Committee, UVAS

Area of Interest

  • Broiler Production
  • Poultry housing and environmental management
  • Poultry waste management



  1. Member of Editorial Committee of Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research (PJAR)
  2. Journal of Thermal Biology
  3. Journal of Functional Foods
  4. British Poultry Science
  5. Tropical Animal Health and Production
  6. Reproduction in Domestic Animals
  7. Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science
  8. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences
  9. Journal of Applied Animal Research
  10. The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  11. Journal of Functional Foods
  12. Reproduction in Domestic Animals
  13. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture
  14. Nanotoxicology
  15. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Name and Place of


Training/Workshops Year Attended
UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki Seminar on “Current Challenges and Future Prospects of Poultry Business” May, 2022
UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki Seminar on “Vaccines and vaccination methods in poultry” under continuous professional development (CPD) program March 02, 2022
UVAS, Lahore World Egg Day October 8, 2021
PMAS, UAAR, Rawalpindi Pakistan Poultry Industry symposium October 7-8, 2021
GCUF, Faisalabad 6th WPSA international Symposium on Current challenges of protein requirements and food acceptability in this COVID era. October 6-7, 2021
UVAS, Lahore 4th WPSA International One Health Conference (Virtual) September, 9-10, 2021
UVAS, Lahore Use of antibiotics alternatives in poultry industry: Current and future prospects March 10, 2021
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Sustainable Poultry Production: Challenges and Opportunities Feb, 19, 2020
UVAS, Lahore Potentiated probiotics as alternative to antibiotic growth promoters for healthy broiler meat Jan, 26,2018
UVAS, Lahore.


Trends and Innovation in Food Processing Technology: Prospects and Challenges Nov, 7-8, 2018
Punjab Halal, Development Agency Halal Food Safety Standards April, 18, 2018
Punjab Halal, Development Agency International Halal Conference April, 18, 2018
UVAS, Lahore Poultry Club Meeting April,27, 2018
UVAS, Lahore End Note X7 Basic June, 26, 2018
UVAS, Lahore Summer camp on research methods in animal production June 25-29, 2018
UVAS, Lahore National workshop on intellectual property protection for the inventions related to Agriculture and Animal Sciences Oct.9-10, 2017
Expo center, Lahore International Poultry Expo, 2017 August, 24-26, 2017
UAF, Faisalabad Foods of Animal origin March,30-31,2017
UVAS, Lahore International Livestock Nutrition Summit Feb.21-22,2017
UVAS, Lahore Latex April, 25-26,2017
UVAS, Lahore Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) July 13, 2017
UMT, Lahore Organic food and health: Avenues of innovation and entrepreneurship August29,2016
PCST, Islamabad Organic food and health: Avenues of innovation and entrepreneurship July 2, 2016
EICA, Egypt Poultry Production and Health 2015
EICA, Egypt Arabic Language course 2015
UVAS, Lahore Butterflies/insects collection and preservation techniques 2015
UVAS, Lahore Capacity Building of Young Researchers 2015
UVAS, Lahore Poultry Farm Operation, Nutrition and Health Management 2014
UVAS, Lahore In-service competency enhancement training for teachers 2013
UVAS, Lahore Work shop on biostatistics and data analysis concepts 2012
UVAS, Lahore Developing research plans and basis of biostatistics 2012
UA, Faisalabad Livestock Ecology, sustainable land use and livestock systems UAF in collaboration with Humboldt University Germany 2004
Govt. of Punjab Presiding Officer



Post Graduate Students Supervision

Sr. # Name Ph.D./ M.Phil. Status
1. Muhammad Jamil Kamran Ph.D. Supervisor
2. Muhammad Shabir Shaheen Ph.D. Supervisor
3. Muhammad Irfan Ph.D. Supervisor
4. Tahir Khan Ph.D. Supervisor
5. Faisal Hussnain Ph.D. Major Member
6. Muhammad Shafique Rehman Ph.D. Major Member
7. Muhamad Talha Altaf Ph.D. Major Member
8. Shakeel Ahmad Ph.D. Minor Member
9. Natash Laraib Ph.D. Minor Member
10. Sana Masood Ph.D. Minor Member
11. Gulam Mustafa Ph.D. Minor Member
12. SanaUllah Ph.D. Minor Member
13. Khalid Bilal M.Phil. Supervisor
14. Muhammad Shabir Shaheen M.Phil. Supervisor
15. M.Talha Altaf M.Phil. Supervisor
16. Muhammad Akif Akram M.Phil. Supervisor
17. Muhammad Irfan M.Phil. Supervisor
18. Tahreem Asad M.Phil. Supervisor
19. Sajjad Sharief M.Phil. Supervisor
20. Kashif Bukhari M.Phil. Supervisor
21. Ali Salman Ajmal M.Phil. Supervisor
22. Ali Aslam Bhatti M.Phil. Supervisor
23. Muddasar Rasul M.Phil. Supervisor
24. Asad Ali Shah M.Phil. Supervisor
25. Naeem-ur-Rehman M.Phil. Supervisor
26. Taswar Hussain M.Phil. Supervisor
27. Mahboob Alam M.Phil. Supervisor
28. M. Mujahid Munir M.Phil. Supervisor
29. Husnain Ali Akram M.Phil. Supervisor
30. M. Saad Javaid M.Phil. Supervisor
31. Muhammad Waqas M.Phil. Supervisor
32. Jahanzib Ashraf M.Phil. Supervisor
33. Misbah Sadiq M.Phil. Supervisor
34. Fahad Zahid M.Phil. Supervisor
35. Muhammad Jamil Alvi M.Phil. Major Member
36. Habiba Taj M.Phil. Major Member
37. Muhammad Irfan M.Phil. Major Member
38. Ali Husnain M.Phil. Major Member
39. Muhammad Waqas M.Phil. Major Member
40. Rao Hafiz Abdul Latif M.Phil. Major Member
41. Sana Ullah M.Phil. Minor Member
42. Yousaf Farooqui M.Phil. Minor Member
43. Muhammad Azhar M.Phil. Minor Member
44. Sania Mahreen M.Phil. Minor Member
45. Nadeem Abbas M.Phil. Minor Member


Research Projects:

  1. Commercialization of poultry waste compost technology to the Agriculture and allied industries (Principal Investigator) amounting PKR: 08 Million funded by UVAS, ORIC, under Technology Transfer support Fund (TTSF)
  2. Assessing the economic viability of artificial insemination in poultry production through different interventions at commercial scale (Principal Investigator) amounting PKR: 94 Millions funded by Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA)
  3. Utilization of poultry waste as an entrepreneurship (Co-PI) amounting PKR: 6.01 Millions funded by Pakistan Higher Education commission (HEC)
  4. Development and establishment of model poultry cum fish farming with nutrient recycling: An integrated approach (Memebr) (16.74 Millions) funded by Pakistan Agriculture Research Board (PARB)
  5. Utilization of poultry farm litter and dead birds compost as livestock feed ingredient and agriculture fertilizer (22.88 millions) funded PARB
  6. Enhancement of Research Facilities at Ravi campus (1000 Million PKR) funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) member in Poultry Production Section