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It is informed to all students of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs who applied in PM Laptop Scheme Phase-III are directed to review list of PM Laptop Scheme Phase-III.

    1.  Download the concerned Provisional Merit list (MS Excel) from link given below
    2. Search your data through CNIC or your name etc.
    3. Check your particulars (Name, Father’s Name, CNIC, DOB, Campus, Department, Degree program, Year of study, Date of admission, CGPA of Last Samaster, selected/not selected etc.)
    4. Compare the merit marks i.e. CGPA of Last Samaster with your classmates and inform in case of discrepancy
    5. Inform your Departmental Focal Person for all corrections through email
    6. Names and Email Addresses of the concerned Departmental Focal Persons are given on University Website for your convenience
    7. Corrections through email to concerned Departmental Focal Person
    8. No request for correction will be entertained after said date
    9. Please note that name as selected in the provisional list does not reflect that you are finally selected for the award of Laptop.

Final  Merit List of PM Laptop Scheme Phase III

Laptop Correction Performa

PM Laptop Focal Persons List

Distribution Criteria:

The distribution  criteria have been defined  as follows:

  • Laptops will be purely distributed  on merit basis in each degree program i.e. (PhD, MS/M.Phil.  and 16 Years of education)
  • Share will be determined  as per university  enrollment  and the laptops Quota for each
  • degree program will be determined  (i.e., University  Quota, Campus Quota, Degree program Quota, Department  Quota and Years wise distribution).
  • As per PM office  directives  Balochistan  HEI’s quota has been fixed  i.e., 14% (14,000
  • Laptops) will be distributed  in Balochistan  HEI’s. (Note: - Students from Balochistan’s
  • accredited universities  would be accommodated  under this allocated  quota).
  • The remaining  86,000 will be allocated  among public sector HEIs in accordance with their enrollment  preferences.