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Guest Lecture by Dr Zuraiz Hamza Khan, Resident Vet, Prince Abdul Aziz Horse Racing Stable, KSA


Department of Anatomy and Histology organized a guest interaction for DVM 1st year students today. The speaker was Dr Zuraiz Hamza Khan who is currently working as Resident Vet. (Equines) at Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahed Bin Abdul Aziz's Horse Racing Stable, Riyadh, KSA.

The purpose of this interaction was to introduce the students to the field of Equine Practice as a potential career and to present a success story to them. Dr Hamza is a UVAS alum and has been working in KSA for last one year. He shared the stages of his professional journey with the students and emphasised the value of learning Anatomy for a successful career as an Equine Practitioner. He also reviewed the current status and future of equine practice in Pakistan and compared it with opportunities in the Gulf area. His talk was followed by Q & A session in which student participated with great curiosity.