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GRE/Fulbright Orientation Seminar

(November 7, 2018)

Center for Educational Policy and Administration (CEPA) is hosting a United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USFEP) driven program, an open seminar on GRE/Fulbright Orientation at University of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore at 11:00 am on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 in the Seminar Hall of UVAS Business School Lahore.

The seminar is aimed towards creating awareness about the Fulbright Scholarship, its eligibility requirements, introduction to GRE and its preparation. A GRE Test preparation workshop followed by a Mock test will be held several weeks after the orientation seminar. Students achieving a good score will be awarded with GRE voucher worth $195 from USFEP.

The target audience for this seminar is Final Year students of four or five year’s undergraduate degree programs or preferably postgraduate students and young faculty members (Lecturers)of the university (including Ravi and Jhang Campus)

Registration for the orientation seminar will be done on the spot. Interested students and faculty members can attend the seminar on the said date, time and venue. The registration for the seminar is on first come first serve basis as only limited seats are available.


For any further queries, please contact the undersigned via email


Ms. Amina Chughtai
Secretary/Member CEPA
Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition,
Faculty of Biosciences, UVAS, Lahore

Email: chughtai.amina@uvas.edu.pk