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International workshop on Pathology of Avian Diseases 13-15th November, 2018,  jointly organized by Pathology Department UVAS and CL Davis and SW Thompson DVM Foundation USA

Pathology is a central and foundational discipline which bridges many other disciplines of veterinary medicine. It connects the basic sciences to the clinical sciences and is key in diagnostics. By appreciating the basic mechanisms of disease, and how they function in each organ system, professionals can better know the clinical disease and can more effectively use gross findings to render a diagnosis, and/or select relevant tissues and the tests to perform. The Department of pathology in collaboration with CL DAVIS and SW Thompson DVM Foundation, USA, is arranging a three days international workshop on pathology of avian diseases. This workshop will focus on the pathogenesis of disease for various poultry diseases, and illustrate through case-based examples and activities. Additionally, ensuring that appropriate samples arrive at the laboratory to be useful in diagnosis is essential, and so training in this aspect will be done as well, through necropsy and sample collection practical sessions.  Prof. Dr. Corrie Brown, University of Georgia, USA and Dr. Tony Alves,Vet. Pathologist &  Adjunct Professor at CL Davis and SW Thompson Foundation will be the resource persons for the workshop. The Workshop is partially funded by the CL Davis and SW Thompson Foundation.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain basic mechanisms of disease for the major diseases of concern in poultry in Pakistan
  • Perform a necropsy on a bird, with collection and packaging of  tissues in an appropriate manner for use in the laboratory
  • Use history, clinical signs, and gross lesions observed to create a list of differential diagnoses
  • Explain the private/public distinction of veterinary diseases and implications for the national economy

Target Audience

  • Post-graduate students
  • Poultry veterinarians working in government or private sector
  • Faculty members

Organizing committee:

  • Meritorious Professor Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, Vice Chancellor, UVAS, Lahore
  • Prof. Dr. Masood Rabbani, Pro Vice Chancellor/Dean FVS
  • Prof. Dr. Asim Aslam, Chairman, Department of Pathology, UVAS
  • Prof. Dr. Yasin Tipu, Department of Pathology, UVAS
  • Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed    Secretary organizing
  • Dr. Adeem Rehman Raffie

Registration fee for the workshop is PKR-1000/- Registration form can be downloaded from UVAS website and submitted to Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology not later than 25th of October, 2018. For any query, please contact at ishtiaqahmed@uvas.edu.pk or cell number 03007306928.

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