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UVAS Training & Research Demonstration Dairy Farm
Seeing is Believing
Dairy sector in Pakistan has started seeing transformation with development of
commercial and corporate dairy farms attracting sizeable investments in recent
years. These models are based on exotic cows imported from Australia while
recentlyGovt of Pakistan has also granted long-awaited permission to import high
quality cows from USA and Netherlands. This is likely to open new doors for
revolutionizing the dairy sector. UVAS has partnered with United States Department of
Agriculture to establish a Training & Research Demonstration Dairy Farm at its Ravi
campus. The dairy farm has been built on international standards equipped with modernized
equipment and houses the high yielding Holstein Friesian cows from USA. It is the first farm in
Pakistan having cows fromUSA and demonstrates most modern practices in dairy farming.
The farm on one hand provides real-time environment for practical training of the students to
make them capable of handling exotic cattle at corporate & commercial dairy farms while on the
other hand it serves as demonstration for the potential farmers to invest in this sector. UVAS
collaboration with USDA has significantly triggered economic growth in Pakistani dairy
Developing Knowledge-based Economy