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In today's world, where we are fast moving towards
knowledge-based economy, Universities have become
focal points for economic development and sustainable
growth in the country. University of Veterinary & Animal
Sciences Lahore, one of the top ten universities of Pakistan, is
Flagship University for livestock and allied sectors. We have
strong realization of challenges of human resource development and
innovative research impacting the long term food security in the country.
UVAS has been proactively instrumental in catering growing needs of the
industry, community and stakeholders in terms of HRD, research, policy framework and knowledge
sharing. UVAS has established Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC), Business
Incubation Centre and the Directorate of External Linkages to liaise and facilitate the initiatives pertaining
to economic development and growth. Through our partnership with various (foreign and local) academic
& research institutions and private sector stakeholders, UVAS plays a pivotal role in economic
development by promoting applied research, enhancing bilateral collaborations with the industry,
promoting entrepreneurship, mentoring business opportunities and triggering enabling environment for
sustainable growth.
We have great emphasis on problem-oriented research with a strong mechanism of dissemination of
research outcomes to the potential beneficiaries including industry, community and farmers. Presently
UVAS scientists are managing 72 research projects of utmost economic significance worth Rs. 857.9
million in various fields. We at UVAS give highest priority to industrial linkages in order to create a win-win
mechanism for bilateral cooperation. In collaboration with the industry, UVAS infrastructure is optimally
used for providing training and research opportunities in a real-time business situation. Commercialization
of our research, expertise, knowledge, skills and technology has resulted into significant economic returns.
I extend my highest gratitude for all public and private organizations that have joined hands with us for
contributing in national development. I am fully confident that initiatives taken by UVAS will serve as
catalyst for long term economic development in the country.
UVAS Zinda Baad, Pakistan Paainda Baad!
Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, SI
Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor Message