Directorate of Student's Affairs


  • This office arranges Orientation for first year DVM students and familiarizes them with rules and regulation of the University. Students are provided first hand information on the Semester System, Tutorial System, working of Library, Conduct and Discipline Regulations of the University and Hostel Rules and various offices of the University.
  • University ID Cards are issued to the students by this office.
  • DSA Office helps in solving day to day problems faced by students and communicates the student related issues to concerned quarters.
  • Maintenance of discipline is ensured on the campus for smooth conduct of academic activities. Cases of indiscipline on the campus are dealt accordingly or forwarded to Disciplinary Advisory Committee of the University.
  • Extra curricular activities are arranged in collaboration with the Senior Tutor and students are encouraged to participate in it.
  • Students organize and manage these activities and this helps in the personality development and groom their managerial skills.
  • Help is provided to other offices in preparing semester schedule, class schedules and examinations.
  • We constantly strive to improve facilities in the class rooms and out side the class rooms for students. Various Proposals are prepared and submitted for additional facilities to students. These facilities include a student Teacher centre and provision of better transport.
  • Information regarding various scholarships is displayed by this office