Directorate of University Advancement & Financial Aid

Office of Student Financial Aid


I know the importance of financing for your education in this uncertain and challenging economic time. As Manager Student Financial Aid, my mission is to make available accurate and timely financial information and assist you and your family in affording the cost of your education. In this regard, my ongoing challenge is to try to provide the financial assistance and solutions with variety of resources that will support to eliminate the financial barriers from your educational achievement.

While, applying for financial aid is very important process. My aim is to enhance your understanding of our financial aid programs including the disbursement process. It is important to note that you should complete and submit your application for financial assistance by our priority processing date. It is also important that you understand that financial aid is only supplement and the institute does not promise to cover all your educational expenses but as much as possible.

But I’ll do my part to devote every resource I have to ensure that finances do not prevent your education. You need to do your part, too. Together, we can help you achieve your goal of earning a degree from one of the world’s great universities.

I wish you much success!

Qaisar Hussain

Manager Financial Aid