1. Develop human resource through professional education, research and training in the field of Veterinary Sciences along with other related disciplines.
  2. Promoting learning environment that cherishes gender and cultural equity, and supports pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom and intellectual curiosity.
  3. Training faculty involved in teaching Veterinary sciences through certification / training / diplomas / degree in Veterinary Education.
  4. Socio-economic growth of the Country by ensuring academic excellence, integrity and ethical conduct in Veterinary professionals.
  5. Enhancing the learning and critical thinking capabilities of professional veterinarian, faculty and other related professionals like pharmacists, industrialists/manufacturers with modern interventions.
  6. Strengthening of linkage with national and international institutes/enterprises for improved collaboration in research and extension.
  7. Promoting the intellectual, financial, entrepreneurial, management, leadership, and other soft skills traits by providing training and workshops to professionals.