Department of Poultry Production

Indigenous Chicken Genetic Resource Centre (ICGRC)

Keeping in mind the importance of Indigenous chicken breeds, Department of Poultry Production has developed Indigenous Chicken Genetic Resource Centre (ICGRC) in 2009 to conserve and further improve the genetic potential of local chicken breeds including different varieties of Aseel and Naked neck. This Centre has passed through a lot of development phases after which it has been improved into a model research and training farm indulging in it all the modern farming facilities and research techniques. This Centre consisted of two different setups, Conventional cage system and free range setup. Two different projects funded by Punjab Agriculture Research Board (PARB) and Agricultural Linkages Program are running in this center in which purification of these breeds, crossbreeding among naked neck with Rhode Island Red and Black Astralorp are being done. A number of postgraduate students have conducted their researches at ICGRC. This Centre is also a source of training for undergraduate students. Department of Poultry Production is providing the consultancy services to farmers and facilitates the University students and staff in terms of organic meat and eggs as well.

Conventional setup  


Free Range Setup