UVAS Press Release

UVAS, US officials discuss food safety issues

LAHORE (20-06-19): The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore and officials from the United States discussed food safety issues at a meeting at the UVAS City Campus on Thursday.
Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Masood Rabbani and Mr Casey E Bean, Agricultural Counselor, US Embassy Islamabad, co-chaired the meeting. Others in attendance were Emeritus Prof Dr Nasim Ahmad, UVAS food safety experts from different departments and other members of the US delegation Dr Martin Sieber, President/CEO, US Livestock Genetics Export, Inc. USA, and Mr Asmat Raza, Senior Agricultural Specialist, US Embassy.
The meeting discussed various aspects of food safety problems/issues, their possible solutions, food safety standards and how to ensure safe food availability to the consumers. Food safety management under the umbrella of one health approach related to livestock sector was also discussed in the meeting.
The UVAS food safety experts spoke about the food safety systems which can be adopted for the improving and ensuring that livestock food products are safe and healthy for eating. They said that the UVAS is providing different testing facilities for meat and other feed analysis, using latest processing and packaging technologies such as vacuum packing and modified atmospherics packing to keep meat fresh and tasteful for a longer time. The university is also offering various degree and training programmes on food safety, feedlot fattening, value chain, proper food processing, etc.¬†
The US delegation also visited the Department of Meat Science and Technology, where they saw slaughtering facilities, electric stimulation, meat preserving, chilling and packaging systems, etc.  Mr Casey Bean appreciated the facilities available at the Department of Meat Science and Technology. He remarked that if good food safety system is in place, we can sell and even export our products easily.

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