UVAS Press Release

UVAS organises ‘Precision Dairy Farming Workshop’ at Ravi Campus Pattoki

LAHORE (01-08-17): The Department of Theriogenology organised a one-day training workshop on ‘Precision dairy farming’ at Ravi Campus, Pattoki. Dean Faculty of Animal Production and Technology Prof Dr Anjum Khalique chaired the workshop and emphasized the importance of PDF in current scenario of commercial farming in Pakistan.
Twenty focused commercial farmers, farm managers, faculty and postgraduate students attended the workshop.  Workshop organizer Dr Ali Husnain said, “Precision dairy farming involves the use of modern technologies to measure physiological, behavioural and production indicators on individual animals.”
In the technical session, Usman Nazir demonstrated that how different wireless and sensor technologies are being used to monitor the individual animal parameters to provide the ease to farm management. Dr Melad Ahmad shared his study outcomes on ‘Comparative efficacy of manual observation vs NEDAP (Automated) heat and health monitoring in American Holstein cows. Nedap system improves heat detection rates from 40% to 79 % when compared with two time manual observation; conventional heat detection method, said Dr Melad. By using these parameters one can predict heat and health status of an individual cow standing, walking, lying, eating and rumination times, said Dr Ali while demonstrating automated monitoring system at UVAS herd. 
Dr Faria demonstrated that installation of NEDAP system is economical at dairy farms. Chairman Department of Theriogenology Dr Amjad Riaz said that the cost benefit analysis of using these technologies as dairy farm management strategies promises beneficial over conventional methods. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the organizing committee and stated that UVAS always extends his services to dairy industry in Pakistan.